How to feel healthier, fitter, stronger, and more energized TODAY.

Oct 30, 2020

 by McKayla King-Mason

I have a little challenge for you that can change your day (and week!) for the better.

This quote is one of my favorites... 

“One day, or Day One. You decide.” – Unknown

With this topsy-turvy year, one of the many lessons has been that there’s uncertainty in life. 

If you’re waiting for SOMEDAY to start taking care of yourself – well, that day doesn’t exist. 

“There are seven days in the week. Someday isn’t one of them.” 

It’s time to start making yourself a priority RIGHT NOW. Especially when it comes to your health and wellness.


This leads me to my mini-challenge for you today.

What is ONE step you can take today to help you feel healthier, fitter, stronger, and more energized?

It can be as simple as …

→ Going for a walk

→ Doing some squats 

→ Making a green smoothie for breakfast

→ Trying some pushups

→ Meditating for 10 minutes

→ Switching to strawberries for dessert

→ Reaching out to a coach you trust to help you get started 

Now … make a commitment to yourself to take that action and get it DONE.


Thinking about what you plan to do “one day” in the future will keep you stuck.

The action you take today doesn’t have to be fancy or perfect. You don’t need a 10-point plan, the right sneakers, or supply of supplements. 

You just have to do SOMETHING.

Are you in? Let me know what step you’re taking today! 

And if reaching out to a coach you trust is on your list ... I’d be honored to help. Click here to schedule your consultation.

You deserve this!