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Our studio is located at 9065 Adams Ave Huntington Beach, CA 92646

We are dedicated to helping women make positive changes in their health and lifestyle. We provide you with supportive, safe, and personalized coaching to help you meet your goals and transform your life.

Come tour our studio and meet with one of our certified coaches to discuss your health & fitness goals. We'll help you put together a customized plan to get you started on your fitness journey.

At Max Fitness You're Guaranteed: 

➤ Fresh start on your fitness journey with a personalized action plan that will help you finally CRUSH your goals

➤ Coaching & motivation from certified Max Fitness trainers who will inspire you through every workout

➤ Reliable support system made up of our accountability coaches, trainers, and members who will cheer you on as you work towards your goals

➤ Become a part of our amazing community of women who make up the Max Tribe

➤ Get in shape and feel great about yourself in a FUN and healthy way

Gosh I love this gym @maxfitnesshb and the women who represent it!! Confidence has no competition. We all love and support each other the way women should!! I had no idea this place would become such a huge part of my life when I took my first class a year ago. I could not have lost 143 lbs without Max!

Max Fitness is by far the best experience I’ve ever had with a gym. I’ve never had trainers who are more committed than the trainers here are to my success! They were able to help me transform my body and my lifestyle. There is variety in the workouts and the meal plan they helped me with left me no excuses. I’m addicted to this place. It truly is more than a fitness studio; it’s a family!

Mary H.

Finally a gym that motivates, supports, and has a vast variety of classes geared for women. Love love love it!

Venus M.

Max Fitness has changed my life! The BEST part of Max are the knowledgeable, and friendly instructors who make you feel welcome, make you laugh A LOT, all while kicking your booty through sweat drenching workouts! And most of all, I've become part of the amazing Max Tribe of beautiful, hard working ladies! Get your butt down to Max Fitness and start making your health & well being a priority - because YOU are worth it!

Kelly A.

Honestly the best group gym experience I have EVER had!!! Serious but FUN!!! These ladies make me laugh and push me to my limit!!!! I found my gym home!

Teri S.

Max is the best gym I have ever belonged to!! The trainers are amazing. Every class is different so you get to work every part of your body. It is actually FUN to get yourself into shape!

Debbie G.

Max Fitness is the perfect place to work out, get healthy, most important, get support on my journey to be fit. The team is amazing, the other members are so supportive! This place rocks! So happy I found them! Just try it, you will love it!

Melanie B.