Tanesha Kuykendall

What I do is my passion. I assist my clients in improving their health, meeting their fitness goals, and implementing lasting positive behavior change on a daily basis, and I absolutely love it. I am a Certified Personal Trainer, Group Fitness Instructor, Barre Fitness Instructor, Health Coach, and Certified Nutrition Consultant. I teach Dance-Based Barre Workouts, Pilates, Dance Cardio, High Intensity Interval Training, Cycling, TRX and Bootcamp Style Workouts in addition to one on one Personal Training and Nutrition and Health Consulting. I have 20+ years of exercise and fitness experience. I also have 25 plus years of professional dance training. I incorporate the extensive array of strengthening, lengthening, rhythmic movement and coordination, attention to form and detail, and progressive stretching skills and techniques I’ve learned as a dancer into my workouts with my clients and classes on a daily basis in order to create a well rounded fitness regimen that is also fun. See you in class!

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