Navigating the 4th of July while staying on track!

You have been working hard on your fitness goals, but with the 4th of July tomorrow, you are starting to panic about completely falling off the wagon. Here are our tips to survive the party, while still having FUN!

1. Get an early morning workout in. Maybe you can participate in a local 5K, or bust out a video or at home workout. Starting your day with exercise will set the tone for your day.

2. If you are hosting, load your food spread with healthy options. I promise your guests will thank you. If you are going to another party, bring a healthy dish. You're not the only one trying to not over do it.

3. HYDRATE. If your family is like mine, the 4th is a LONG day. Pack extra water, and if you are drinking alcohol, be sure to drink an entire bottle of water in between drinks. Not only will it help you hydrate, it will help you slow down ;).

4. Get involved in the kids activities. If they are playing a football game, tag, running through a fun obstacle course...get in there with them!

5. Don't linger at the food table. Make a plate and walk away. You may think you are being good by just nibbling, but trust me, when you don't see it on a plate, you are risking adding up to an additional 500 extra calories.

6. Walk or bike. I know for me, the traffic in Huntington Beach is crazy on the 4th. Plus, if you want to have an alcoholic drink, forget about driving. Gear up with some tennis shoes and take it to the streets.

7. Finally, if there is a food item or delicious treat you really want...GO FOR IT! There is nothing worse than spending the whole day repeating to yourself, I WILL NOT EAT A CUPCAKE. Go ahead and enjoy a cupcake! Besides, your body will most likely grab other food to fill the craving, and you will end up eating the cupcake anyways. This way, instead of feeling guilty, you feel in control and can enjoy every bite. Besides, no one wants to listen to you whine about not eating the cupcake ;)

We hope you have a happy and safe holiday...and you know we will help you burn it all off Monday at Max Fitness!