Summer Slim Down Challenge

The Summer Slim Down is a 6 week competition, designed to help you lose weight, and have some fun with your friends.

Stay active over the long summer days, while you and your team shed some pounds, and maybe earn some cash, but most importantly establish a healthy lifestyle, and long lasting relationships in this friendly competition.

It includes:
- 6 weeks of platinum membership at Max Fitness
- Weekly Challenge Class Saturday at 7:30am
- Free workshop on " Why we do the things we do- a look at why our subconscious sabotages our goals"
- Private Facebook Group
- Challenge Tank Top

So what do you have to lose? Other than a few inches!

Sorry, we don't have any schedule info for this month.


  • 9065 Adams Ave.
  • Huntington Beach, CA 92646
  • 657.244.0821

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